Building a new house

Pro Build SA was established to make building a new house an enjoyable experience. Firstly it is important to take the risk out of the building process for both the CLIENT and the contractor. Secondly it needed to be cost effective, realistic and competitive. This could only be achieved through a thorough understanding of all the processes, administrative and building that are involved in establishing a new home.

Before Construction starts

This phase includes  detailed information on the building process  to ensure the client is comfortable with the process and understands it. The relationship with the client is build on transparency and trust.


The Construction phase

The building expenditure is captured in a  detailed project management plan.  The client knows exactly how much was spend on the building project at any given moment.

The last phase in the Construction process

This phase includes site clean-up and final inspections. After completion, we have a final walk through to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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