Our Background

Our project management systems takes the risk out of the building process for both the client, the contractor and suppliers.   

We manage the process of home building cost effective, realistic and competitive. This gets achieved through a thorough understanding of all the processes involved in building a new home.

Main Functions

  • Building of houses for clients
  • Project management of building process
  • Design of houses
  • All administration for building process
  • Assist with the house enrollment at the NHBRC

What we bring

  • Most Cost Effective Way To Build A House
  • Realistic And Competitive
  • Low Risk And Transparent Building Process
  • Established Company With Top Expertise
How We Acheive This
How We Price This
  • All costs are accounted for against the project cost readily available to the client
  • Clients determine their own budget and finishes according to their needs
    We manage the time and quality for you

The project cost is structured according to the  clients’ budget and needs

The project management system is fully transparent

The client sees what is paid for the building materials and labor

What is the cost per square metre?

We don’t work on a set cost per square m2. Clients’ determine their own cost per m2. We assist and facilitate this process.

Do I need to appoint an architect and have plans before I approach you?

We always advise potential clients to have a consultation and get as much information about the building process, before they commit any expenses or appoint any professionals in this process.

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